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The Simple Programmer Podcast is a short podcast that is a mix of career advice, philosophy and soft skills from successful author and software developer, John Sonmez. John is the founder of, one of the most popular software development blogs, and the author of the best-selling book, "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual." ( Geared towards a programmer or software developer audience, but contains practical advice on: Career development Entrepreneurship Fitness Finance Productivity Personal development And more... That anyone can benefit from. Each episode is between 5 and 10 minutes long with at least 3 new episodes each week.
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Feb 29, 2016

What is the best way to start building an app?

Do you know how to start building a mobile app? Do you know what you need in order to build an app?

Most software developers don't even know how to start building an app. Should they plan all the way down or should they start building and change things as they get feedback? Should you develop for android or for iOS?

Should you sit down and plan the entire application before writing even a single line of code?

Just listen to this podcast and discover what is the best way to start building an app!

Feb 26, 2016

Xamarin Evolve Conference 2016:

Android Vs. iOs: Which One Is The Best? And... Which is the best if you're a software developer?

I get this question a lot and I felt like creating a video to answer this question.

Android and iOS are basically the biggest mobile platforms, now, in 2016. Both Android and iOS have its strengths and weaknesses. Which one should you prefer if you're a software developer?

According to Comscore (, both Android and iOS have its specifications that every software developer should be aware of:

- iPhone Users are Slightly Younger and More Affluent
- Android Users Have Broader Content Category Reach, Despite iOS Users’ Higher Propensity
- iPhone Users More Likely to Engage in M-Commerce
- iPhone Satisfaction Corresponds with High Device Loyalty
- Developers Should Think About What’s Most Important Before Developing an App

Every software developer should think and do a very detailed research before developing an app, no matter what platform do they choose.

Is iOS better and more reliable? Does Android offer more options to work as a developer and, thus, will be the future?

Android vs iOs: Which one is the best if you're a software developer?

Feb 24, 2016

Do You Have To Be An Entrepreneur To Be Successful?

I often get this question from my readers, asking me if they need to be entrepreneurs to be successful.

Well, this is a tough question do answer. Although you may be successful doing whatever you want, it is necessary and mandatory to understand why entrepreneurs have a higher chance of being successful.

Can you still be successful as an employee, consultant, or whatever you want to be? Sure! But entrepreneurs have this higher change!

Listen to this podcast to find out why entrepreneurs have a higher change of getting wealth and success.


Feb 22, 2016


Do you lie to yourself?

If you do, then you're about to destroy your entire life and career! Lying to yourself is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

Most of us don't actually seek out truths. Instead, we try to avoid even finding them out.

There are places in your life that are screwed up. There are insecurities which you have inside that you don't wanna face. But, you REALLY need to face it.

If you really want to be successful you need to be true to yourself. Lying to yourself in all (or just in specific) areas of your life will be very harmful to you.

If there is one advice I could give you is... Don't life to yourself. Instead, choose to face reality.

Feb 19, 2016


You feel like you can't go on with your life. You feel trapped and nothing that you do seems to work. You're trapped inside of your own life.

You have work, school, family and friends to deal with. And you don't see a way out of this... WHAT SHOULD I DO JOHN?

Well, there are a lot of factors that play a role into this whirlwind of disasters... And one of them is: laziness.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself if you're being lazy? if you didn't, it's time to do that!

Feb 17, 2016

Do you want to create value and wealth for your life? If so, you need to follow the 70/30 rule.

What is this 70/30 rule all about? Well, most of us spend more time-consuming content and learning new stuff instead of producing.

If we really want to be successful and start creating value to other people, we need to make this shift and turn this proportion upside down. We need to start to produce 70% of our time and leave the other 30% to learn and consume new stuff.

Feb 12, 2016

Do you have a blog? Does your blog have readers? If so, then you're almost half of the path to success. But, in order to be successful, you'll need to pass through another path: Engagement.

Do your readers engage with your content? Do they comment, like and share your blog posts?

If your answer was no, then you're in trouble! Don't worry! in this video I share some techniques you can start implementing on your blog in order to get more engagement from your readers.

Feb 10, 2016

American Software Developers (and freelancers, in general) are suffering from a newborn of the global economy: outsourcing.

Nowadays, clients can hire cheap freelancers in India, Philippines instead of hiring full-time employees and committing to their social rights...

This scenario is stealing jobs from American Software Developers and Freelancers... But... Is it really a threat to american software developers?

Feb 5, 2016

Can You Be Too Old For Software Development & Programming? Is it possible to be an excellent programmer when aging?

In today's video, I've answered a question about a reader that asked me about "Programming Till Old".

Can Old Software Developers Still Be Relevant On The Field? What Happens To Older Software Developers And Programmers?

Feb 3, 2016

Have you ever wondered about working remotely from another country as a programmer?

I answer a question from a reader that asks me if working remotely from Brazil as a junior programmer is a good idea. He wants to finish his graduation and move to Brazil to get an advantage of the currency exchange, from Brazilian Reais to US Dollars.

But... Is it a good idea? How should he proceed?

Feb 1, 2016

Ari Lamstein  is a graduate of the FREE Blogging Course and one of the many who took all the knowledge and advice seriously. When Ari emailed me about the success of his new product I knew I had to interview the guy.

About 2 years ago, he was working at a real estate company and had a lot of data. He started working on a software/data science project. Check out the full interview with Ari.