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The Simple Programmer Podcast is a short podcast that is a mix of career advice, philosophy and soft skills from successful author and software developer, John Sonmez. John is the founder of, one of the most popular software development blogs, and the author of the best-selling book, "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual." ( Geared towards a programmer or software developer audience, but contains practical advice on: Career development Entrepreneurship Fitness Finance Productivity Personal development And more... That anyone can benefit from. Each episode is between 5 and 10 minutes long with at least 3 new episodes each week.
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Dec 18, 2016

Picture this: you've created a piece of code for a company that might bring this company millions of dollars, wheter it is in profit or by cutting down losses.

However, you work for that company and you don't know what to do with this piece of code right now. Should you sell it? Should you rent it?

There are a lot of different variations that come into play when it comes to monetizing your code and you should know all the factors that come into play so you won't lose money with your "Big Idea".

Do Things With Unbouded Upsides:

Dec 17, 2016

Recently, I'm reading a lot of business books and this one came up on my queue and I've decided to give it a shot.

Here is the book description, extracted from Amazon:
"The measure of the executive, Peter F. Drucker reminds us, is the ability to "get the right things done." This usually involves doing what other people have overlooked as well as avoiding what is unproductive. Intelligence, imagination, and knowledge may all be wasted in an executive job without the acquired habits of mind that mold them into results.

Drucker identifies five practices essential to business effectiveness that can, and must, be learned:
Managing time
Choosing what to contribute to the organization
Knowing where and how to mobilize strength for best effect
Setting the right priorities
Knitting all of them together with effective decision-making
Ranging widely through the annals of business and government, Peter F. Drucker demonstrates the distinctive skill of the executive and offers fresh insights into old and seemingly obvious business situations."

Do you wanna know what is my opinion on this book? Watch this video and find out!

"The Effective Executive" Book:
Soft Skills Book:

Dec 16, 2016

WordPress and web development is definitely one of the major areas right now for software developers. More and more, people are recognizing the importance of being online and they are investing in creating websites and all this stuff.

WordPress is definitely a major player when it comes to web development. It is easy to use and it is, frequently, the first choice of anyone that wants to build a website.

It creates an awesome market for anyone interested in developing WordPress themes.

You may wish to develop WordPress Themes for your own use, for a client project or to submit to the WordPress Theme Directory. Why else should you build a WordPress Theme?

- To create a unique look for your WordPress site.
- To take advantage of templates, template tags, and the WordPress Loop to generate different website results and looks.
- To provide alternative templates for specific site features, such as category pages and search result pages.
- To quickly switch between two site layouts, or to take advantage of a Theme or style switcher to allow site owners to change the look of your site.

So, do you wanna know more about the best resources to learn WordPress Theme Development?

WP With Tom Website:
Professional WordPress: Design and Development:

Dec 15, 2016

So, this is such a difficult question to answer and to address that it is almost impossible to give a right answer for this.

I talk a lot about personal development and a lot of people ask me about success. On this channel, I receive a lot of different questions from people asking me "John, what are the ingredients for success?"

I can't give you a right answer for this, you know. There is not a DEFINITIVE ANSWER that will give you all the answers you need. However, I took the shot and decided to answer it.

In this video, I have summed up the most important skills I believe every successful person has and how you can start developing them in yourself.

About "White Male" Privilege:
What True Wisdom Really Means?:
The Compound Effect Book:
Persistence - The ONE THING That Will Lead You To Success?:
Why You Should Be In Love With Your Pain:
5 Soft Skills Every Software Developer Should Know:

Dec 14, 2016

So, I've seen a lot of people asking me this question, about what does C/C++ mean.

Well, for new software developers this might not make any sense, after all, why do these companies put in their job listing "we want a C/C++ developer"?

I've had this doubt myself back then and this is totally normal.

This is exactly what George asked me:
"What I don't understand is why I always see C/C++ in the job listing,as far as I know those are different languages and somebody told me that C is mostly for hardware and embedded devices and I'm currently not that interested in that but why do we always see the C/C++ thing and not only one language,do people really always use both languages at the same job?Is it a bad idea to leave C aside and focus on C++ because I am really interested in competitive programming right now?"

So, do you wanna know why some companies ask for C/C++ programmers?

How To Learn C++? (C++ 101):

Dec 13, 2016

So, a lot of software developers end up not being able to decide between two specializations. I often hear people bragging about how they can't decide between two specializations and what should they do if they really want to advance in their career.

Today, I've received a question from a viewer asking the same thing: How could he possibly decide between two specializations?

So Good They Can't Ignore You Book:
Get Up & Do Something Playlist:

Dec 12, 2016

Writing code is definitely an art. It is far from being something automatic. This is so true due to the fact that every software developer writes a different code, based on their personal experience and how they perceive it is the best practice for writing it.

So, one of the most asked questions I receive is how a code should be written and what are the best practices for writing code.

In this video I'll discuss a little bit more about how many lines of code should a function have.

This is such a particular code and a quote from Code Complete Book sums it up really well:
"From time to time, a complex algorithm will lead to a longer routine, and in those circumstances, the routine should be allowed to grow organically up to 100-200 lines. (A line is a noncomment, nonblank line of source code.) Decades of evidence say that routines of such length are no more error prone than shorter routines. Let issues such as depth of nesting, number of variables, and other complexity-related considerations dictate the length of the routine rather than imposing a length restriction per se."

Wanna know more about how many lines of could should a function have?

Should You Comment Your Code?:
Clean Code Book:

Dec 11, 2016

So, a lot of you guys are interested in investing and I figured it would be of great help to create a video talking more about other types of investment, especially sweat equity.

If you're not familiar "Sweat equity is contribution to a project or enterprise in the form of effort and toil. Sweat equity, in the context of real estate, refers to value-enhancing improvements made by homeowners to their properties.

Sweat equity is the non-monetary contribution individuals make when developing a project, such as rehabilitating homes for resale or starting a new business venture. For example, a person fixing up and selling homes spends time repairing and renovating the properties. A newly formed company’s founders, advisors and board members contribute their time building the business."

So, can sweat equity pay off? Watch this video and find out!

Real Estate Investing For Programmers:

Dec 10, 2016

So, a lot of people have problems with people that don't smoke. Facing a smoker for a non-smoker is a really awful situation.

People that don't smoke get completely annoyed by the smoke and all of this stuff. And one thing that non-smokers usually do is preventing someone from smoking. Without success, of course.

So, how do you deal with people that smoke? Watch this video and find out!

Stop Explaining Yourself Too Much!:

Dec 9, 2016

So, this is a question I believe a lot of developers would die to know the answer. As software developers, we usually start learning just one programming language and we then specialize in it.

So, you start working with that programming language till you master what you can with it. However, there comes a time when we, as software developers, reach a plateau. There are no new things to be learned and we feel like it is time to jump to a second programming language.

But... When should we do it? How can we know when to learn a second programming language? How can we know that this time spent learning will do more good than harm in terms of not wasting our time?

Watch this video and find out!

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Programming Languages:
John Sonmez Pluralsight Courses:
10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly Course:

Dec 8, 2016

So, a lot of you guys are really concerned about your overall health as software developers. And it shouldn't be different, right?

Software developers feature among one of the professions where we spend the most of our time sitting in front of a desk, working all day long. It eventually brings up a lot of health problems, along with a lot of different diseases, such as back problems, muscle problems, postural dysfunctions, etc.

So, how can you possibly stay active while working behind a desk? How can you prevent those things from happening and avoiding all these problems with your health and etc?

The Complete Guide to Treadmill Desk Walking While Working:
How I Plan My Week:

Dec 7, 2016

So, there comes a time in every software developer's life that you have to ask yourself the question: Do I want to become an entrepreneur or do I want to work for someone else?

In this video, I will discuss the pros and cons of being a business owner and of having a 9 to 5 job, so that you can decide between both.

Wanna know more? Watch this video and find out!

Dec 6, 2016

So, this is the time you've all been waiting for! This is the time for the seventh part of my career story.

So, in this video I will tell you what happened after the last video ended.

So, during this time I was still growing Simple Programmer, blogging almost every week and making me a reference in the field. It is nice to see that I started to get speaking gigs around USA to talk about programming and my blog.

At this time I've also made a transition to where I was working to a remote job, applying everything I teach you guys in my How To Market Yourself as a Software Developer and in my new book.

After that, I got the job and started working as a remote developer during this time. I've also got an invite to start producing courses for Pluralsight, and the rest of the story, well... You probably know already :)

So, watch this video to know the seventh part of my career story!

Career Story Playlist:
The Kanbanand Guide:
Want to Accomplish Your Goals? Become a Finisher:
My Pluralsight Courses:

Dec 5, 2016

Having A Contract For Clients: Is It Necessary?

A lot of developers go through the road of freelancing and business owners these days. Instead of applying for jobs and working in a 9 to 5 job, they prefer to become freelancers and work for different clients.

However, all this freelancing stuff comes with new responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is making the relationship between client and you the better as possible.

So, should you use a contract when freelancing with clients? Is is really necessary or is this only a formality? Watch this video and find out!

How To Market Yourself Course:
Clients That Don't Pay Invoices & How To Deal With Them:

Dec 4, 2016

This is a topic very important for me to discuss because I believe so many people still fail to understand this.

Bottom line is: you should not let anyone claim ownership over your life. Your life is yours and you should live it as you want. End of story.

Besides that sounding a bit harsh, I understand there is a lot more below the surface of my comment. This does not mean you should do everything you want without thinking about the consequences and not caring about what people near you think.

However, when you start to think about freedom, how can you possibly be free if you control other people's life?

Watch this video so you can understand the importance of letting people go and not allowing anyone to claim ownership over your life.


Tony Robbins "Unleash The Power Seminar" Review:
Why You Should NOT Give Money To Friends & Family:
My Boss Is Paying For My Education But I Don't Want To Stay:
Boundaries Book:

Dec 3, 2016

Recently, I did a video about if you should give people references. In that video, I talked about the importance of knowing when and how to give references, especially if you're talking about job references.

So, in that video I received a question from a subscriber asking the following:

"John, what about the other way? If recruiters call you and ask for 3 references without placing you on a job, should you give them out? I have declined so far and told them that I don't give references and they've been ok with that because they had lengthy conversations with me and know that I know my stuff - can you do a video on this if possible? Thanks!"
Ketan Shukla

So, what is your opinion on this? How should you proceed in this situation?


Should You Give People References?:
Don't Do Things That Can Only Harm You:
How To Network (The Right Way) As A Developer:

Dec 2, 2016

So, a lot of developers face this awful situation from time to time.

Picture this: You're new at a company. This company has an extensive history of software development and a lot of developers have already worked there.

You're assigned to a new project that has already started. Your job is to pick where the latest developer have left the project, which means you'll have to read and understand his code.

This should be a problem, right? Yeah, it can.

How do you understand someone else's code? How do you read and know exactly what each part is saying on this code? Is there an easy way to do that?

Watch this video and find out!


Working Effectively With Legacy Code:
Code Complete:
Clean Code:

Dec 1, 2016

So, a lot of you guys requested a Top 10 C++ Books and well... There you have it!

Lately, I've been doing a lot of different Top Books on my channel. I figured it is an awesome way of providing a good way to start for those who want to learn new programming languages or even for those people that want to study more about a specific language.

So, in this video I'll give you my Top 10 C++ Books. This will be an awesome resource for those who want to learn C++, especially nowadays if a lot of information overload. Having focus and knowing where you want to go will definitely make a big difference on how fast you'll learn C++

If you don't know, C++ is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays. It is a robust language and here are only a few of its pros:

- Is extremely popular, and therefore lots of support is available.
- Has a large base of freely available code for download, while also supporting direct integration with ASM and C.
- Is very powerful, and can be used to create just about any program, including low-level system programs.
- There is a compiler for C++ on every major operating system. C++ programs that are purposely written for portability will work on many major operating systems with little change in code.
- C++ is a language which is compiled (transformed from human readable code to low-level machine code), so it can often run faster than languages such as Java, Python, and C#; as it does not depend on an interpreter or a "run-time environment" which must be loaded beforehand.
- Has a long established usage base that likely guarantees support for the language will continue for quite some time.
- Many languages are based off of C/C++, such as Java, so knowledge in C++ will make it easier to understand these languages.
- Has a relatively small associated C++ Standard Library as compared to languages such as Java's Standard Platform SDK or C#'s .NET Framework, permitting greater versatility and reducing the system footprint of resulting compilations.
- Has been standardized by the International Standards Association as ISO/IEC 14882 with significant versions of the standard released in 1998, 2003 and 2011.
- Has a significant number of open source libraries available, including the Boost which are freely and widely available.

So, do you wanna know what are the best C++ books? Watch this video and find out!

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++:
C++ Primer:
Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example:
Thinking in C++, Vol. 1: Introduction to Standard C++:
Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs:
More Effective C++: 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs:
Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library:
The C++ Programming Language:
The Design and Evolution of C++:

Top Programming Books Playlist:
How To Learn C++?:

Nov 30, 2016

Today we are going to talk about two different but relatable topics, when it comes to being a productive software developer.

So, the first topic we are going to address is the drinking coffee problem. I know a lot of developers have trouble when it comes to drinking coffee. Most people use coffee as a crutch to get energy during the day.

According to Body Ecology, "Research is finding that one reason so many people are addicted to coffee, is that they may be deficient in dopamine."
"However, while this research may give people the license to drink more coffee, it is misleading. This is because the coffee itself may then lead to an increase in the root of the depression by further taxing your system, creating more stress, and damaging the delicate pH of your stomach."

So, how is your relation with coffee and how does it affect your overall performance?

Besides that, we're also going to talk about the famous argument "I don't have enough time". Do you really don't have time or are you "mis-managing" everything? Watch this video and find out!


How You Are Wasting Your Time:

Nov 29, 2016

JavaScript... Well, we can't deny that this is probably one of the most (if not the most) popular programming language. Whether it is among software developer or if we are talking about market demands, JavaScript is definitely a big name.

However, we also can't deny that things change. And everything changes, especially when it comes to technology.

I've tried to predict it a few times and I've failed.

But we always question ourselves about the future. And today we are going to talk about the future of JavaScript. What do I believe will be the future of Java? Will it still have force in 10 years from now?

Watch this video and find out!


Why JavaScript Is Doomed:
Career Story Playlist:

Nov 28, 2016

If you're still eating right and exercising but can't seem to lose any more weight, you might have hit a weight loss plateau. It's normal for weight loss to stall after a while. This is not necessarily an indication that you're doing something wrong. It might just be that you need to adjust your weight loss plan to account for the changes in your body and metabolism.

In today's episode, I received a question from a reader saying that he can't drop any more pounds.

He says that he have lost a lot of weight when he started out but he seems to have seen this rate decline at a very rapid rate. Now, he is not able to drop any more pounds.

So, what should he do in this situation? How can he overcome this weight loss plateau? Watch this video and find out!


The Secret Sauce For Continous Motivation:
One Meal A Day: Eating All Calories From 1 Day In Just One Meal:

Nov 27, 2016
Today we are going to talk a little bit more about fitness. In today's video I have received two questions. The first was regarding Vitamin D deficiency and the second one about extreme workouts.
Although they are not discussed as much as they should be, they are two really important topics that we need to talk about.
Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more and more frequent nowadays, especially due to the lifestyle we are adopting.
Extreme workouts are also becoming more frequent, due to the rise of the crossfit modality and, in fact, it can cause you more harm than you've imagined.
So, wanna know more about these two topics? Watch this video and find out!
Nov 26, 2016
How Do I Know That I Can Trust The Process?
If you watch my channel regularly you've probably heard me talking a lot about trusting the process right? 
I've made one video talking about "The Secret Of Life", in which I believe is trusting the process. Trusting the process is something that we all should do. Trusting the process means giving something a shot until you complete what I call "the process". This means that you will not give up until you get your results.
People are usually a little bit skeptical about this. Some think this is bullshit and tell me that you need to keep adjusting till you see results. Other fear that they might have picked up the wrong process and, so, they end up abandoning it in the middle of the road.
So, how do you know that you can trust the process? What will give you security that you can stay on this road and will not give up?
Watch this video and find out!
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Nov 25, 2016

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you decide that you want to build muscles and become fit? Going to the gym, lifting weights, hard work, right?

Yeah, me too. This is definitely the first thing that comes to my mind and this is something we can't even say the contrary. Muscles come with lots of hard work, stress, injury, stimuli, etc.

However, is it possible to build muscles without hard work? Today I have received a question from a reader asking me if it was possible to build muscles without hard work.

He tells me that he is a software developer and he does not have time for all the fitness schedule involved with building muscle. So, he asks me if he could build muscles with "passive involvement". What do you say?

Watch this video and find out!

Dealing With Hunger When You're On A Diet:
Why I Fast Until 5:

Nov 24, 2016

Today I've partnered up with RSD Max, an ama

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