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The Simple Programmer Podcast is a short podcast that is a mix of career advice, philosophy and soft skills from successful author and software developer, John Sonmez. John is the founder of, one of the most popular software development blogs, and the author of the best-selling book, "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual." ( Geared towards a programmer or software developer audience, but contains practical advice on: Career development Entrepreneurship Fitness Finance Productivity Personal development And more... That anyone can benefit from. Each episode is between 5 and 10 minutes long with at least 3 new episodes each week.
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Aug 25, 2016

I recently catch up with Matt from Engineered Truth to bring his awesome advice to this YouTube Channel.

For those who don't know, Matt is an awesome guy who has a blog and a YouTube Channel where he talks about degrees and why you don't need a degree to be successful in life.

In this little snippet extracted from his own website, Matt says:
"With all the confusion I experienced in career choice, it’s no wonder that I am passionate about helping people find that direction. I dedicate my channel and most of my free time to helping people choose a major, guiding them to be successful within that major, and then making a smooth transition from college to the real world."

So, if you're feeling lost in your career and you want to learn more about how to find your passion in life, you should definitely watch this video. We had an wonderful talk about paths software developers can pursue when it comes to mastering their careers.

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Aug 24, 2016

How Do I Know If My Stuff Is Good Enough?

A lot of programmers suffer from not knowing if their stuff is good enough. Insecurity is a big part of everyone's life and, most of us push ourselves backward when it comes to getting our stuff out there, for the public.

In today's video, I received a question from a reader asking me about how can he overcome the fear of getting his stuff out there. He is producing a lot of stuff but he hasn't released it to the public. he is afraid of getting his stuff out and it not being good enough.

So, what should he do? How can he possibly know that his stuff is good enough to release it to the public? Should he wait a little more? Should he try to improve it even more?

Watch this video and find out!

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Aug 22, 2016

How To List A Self-Employment Project In My Resume?

Most developers struggle when it comes to building a strong resume and listing previous experiences. I've talked before that a resume can definitely make or break you and, so, it is important to have a well-written resume to support your skills.

However, some developers decide to go through the entrepreneurial road and end up self-employing themselves. How should you list a self-employment project on your resume? Is it even ethical to do that?

What should you do when a company asks you about this company? What should you say?

Watch this video and find out!

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Aug 19, 2016

Some developers go through tough times when it comes to changing and finding new jobs. The process can be daunting, time-consuming and very stressful.

Most developers end up accepting the first offer that comes up, afraid that they would not be able to get any better. This fear leads most developers direct to accepting not what they're worth but what they think it is the maximum that they can get.

So, one of the things you can do when it comes to finding the best job offer for you is negotiating with different companies at the same. But... Is it possible?

How could you possibly negotiate with 2 companies at the same time, what and how should you do all of this?

Listen to this episode and find out!

Aug 17, 2016

Most people have a dream of working remotely, or, for what it is known better, "work from home". They dream of waking up in their underwears, doing whatever they want, anytime they want and living the dream of having an amazing and free routine.

However, what most people don't know is that working remotely sucks. Yeah, it really sucks. And it sucks really bad.

There are a lot of things I could point out here to say how working remotely sucks but I chose to narrow down to three basic factors that make remote jobs suck:

- Isolation & Lack Of Human Interaction
- Need To Work More Hours
- Tough Routines

These are the three basic factors that make remote jobs suck. Wanna know more? Listen to this episode and find out!

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Aug 15, 2016

A lot of developers feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating and start their blogging career. most have a lot of different questions inside their heads and it couldn't be any different: the amount of information out there is out of this world.

When it comes to blogging, things can get pretty difficult and confusing. You need to pick a topic, create a website, buy a domain, etc. Woah... A lot of stuff right?

However, today we're going to talk about a specific topic: Should you create multiple blogs?

A lot of developers want to create different blogs, with different themes, build a lot of different websites and so forth. They usually can't pick a specific theme to work on and they start wondering about creating different blogs so that they can cover everything they want to work.

It does sound like a good idea, huh? Well... No, it doesn't. Wanna know more about why you shouldn't create more than one blog for you?

Listen to this episode and find out!

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Aug 12, 2016

Persuasion & Arguing

A lot of people think that the best way to convince and persuade someone is by presenting logical arguments. The more logical the arguments are, the easiest it will be for someone to change sides and pick yours.

Well, it doesn't always work like that and I'll tell you why. People are not rational beings but emotional beings. Despite we don't want to admit it, we don't make decisions based on logic, but on emotions. All of our decisions get into a path which we call the reptile brain before getting to the neocortex.

This is why we make decisions based on emotions. We were not able to complete evolution and change this pattern.

So, if you want to persuade someone, focus on presenting emotional elements. Wanna know more? Listen to this podcast and find out!

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Aug 10, 2016

My Coworker Doesn't Work

Working at a company with a team can be tricky sometimes. In order to have a system working fine, all team members must be able to cooperate in ways that it makes all pieces working in complete harmony.

So, what should you do if a piece of this system is not working as it should? In today's video, I received a question from a reader asking me about how he should approach a situation in which he has a coworker that does not like to work.

According to him, he has a coworker that does not do any job. He simply goes to the company, gets his money to sit there doing nothing. His boss knows everything but they won't do anything to change it.

What should he do in a situation like that? How can he approach it? Should he battle to change this guy's destiny or should he simply let it go?

Watch this video and find out!

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Aug 8, 2016

How To Stop Wasting Your Time At Work

Getting stuff done is of major importance for anyone who wants to accomplish major goals in their lives. Most of the successful people I know have developed an amazing virtue, which is finishing things.

However, in order to get stuff done, you first need to learn how to spend your time the right way, by focusing on things that matter and by establishing priorities in life.

A big mistake most people make when it comes to being productive is wasting their time. They spend and invest their time in things that don't matter. And when it comes to getting stuff done, the world is not ok with it.

So, in this video, I'll talk more about how you can stop wasting your time at work and what techniques you should be implementing in order to increase your productive time. Watch this video and find out!

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Aug 5, 2016

Invest In Houses Or Condos?

Real Estate investments can be tricky. You have a lot of options to choose and, the more you learn, the more you'll feel lost and overwhelmed. There is never a right or wrong answer when it comes to real estate investment. You'll first need to analyze every variable, before coming to a conclusion.

So, in this case, what would be better? Invest in houses or condos? Both have very different approaches and can provide you very different results, especially when it comes to cash flow, expenses and the amount of money you make at the end.

So, is there a right answer to this questions? Well, not so much. As with all real estate investments, it depends—on the particular property, location, market, and other factors, such as the annual return you expect on the investment, or cap rate.

Watch this video and find out the difference between those two investments and what would be the best option for you.

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Aug 3, 2016

Is It Ok If My Company Does Not Pay Me?

When you get a job the first thing that comes to mind is the salary you'll receive, right? You start thinking about all the amazing things you'll be able to to with the money you'll get, what types of things you'll be able to buy, etc.

But... What if your company does not pay you? Yeah, you heard it right... What if your company does not pay you and you're working for... FREE?

In today's video, I received a question from a reader telling me that he is working for free. He started working for a startup that will sell some products in the future. However, his boss is telling him that he will not be paid until they start selling the product... That means that he is working for free.

What should he do? What would YOU do in situations like this?

Watch this video and find out!

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Aug 1, 2016

Are Generalists Better Than Specialists?

This is another podcast where I'll discuss the old-fashioned battle about whether you should become a specialist or not. I've done so many podcasts  about that topic that it is totally recommended that you check my playlist on "Specialization And Niching Down".

So, in this podcast, I received a very interesting question. A reader from the blog asked me why I've contradicted myself in this topic. he said that I said, in some old podcast of mine, that you should be a generalist. Wait, what? How could that be possible?

If you watch my channel, you've probably heard me talking about how important I think it is for someone to become a specialist, instead of a generalist. But... Did I really say that? Are generalists really better than specialists?

Listen to this podcast

Jul 29, 2016

What Technologies Do I Need To Develop A Game?

A lot of developers dream about game development. This is a hot topic and a lot of programmers want to become software developers so that they can develop games and work in the game development industry.

While I've talked about game development before, whether it was the career or pros and cons, I've never talked about what you REALLY need to start developing games.

So, I've received this question from a reader asking me about what he needed to start developing games. He talks about how technology has changed so much over time and how complex it is right now to develop games. How can just one person develop an entire 3d game? Directx? CUDA? How the hell?

I talk in this video why right now may be the best time to develop games and why these technologies don't matter so much anymore.

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Jul 27, 2016

How To Find Your Higher Purpose In Life

We all want to live life with a purpose. Some people wake up for this calling earlier than other but, all of us, at some point, question ourselves what are we doing here.

In fact, there are a lot of stages when it comes to finding your purpose in life. I've done a video on how to find your purpose in life but, this time, we want more. I want to teach you how you can find your higher purpose in life.

I don't know if this may come out as bullshit to you. Maybe you've not wake up for this yet. But if you're interested in finding your higher purpose in life, watch this video and find out.

How To Find Your Purpose In Life?:
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Jul 25, 2016

Spend Your Time The Right Way

In life, we all struggle to get our goals accomplished. Most of us end in a vicious looping that doesn't seem to do us justice and does not take us anywhere.

On the other hand, there are people that seem to be utterly productive and they seem to achieve whatever they want. They set goals for themselves, create a proper plan and stick to this plan no matter what.

So, what is the secret of these people? How can they be so productive? Well, there are many reasons for that, but definitely one of them is:

"They know how to spend their time the right way".

Time is the most democratic asset in the world. We all have 24 hours in a day and you're free to spend it the way you want. So, understanding how you can spend your time the right way and making those smart choices can definitely separate you from the rest of the world.

Interested in tips for spending your time the right way? Watch this video and find out!

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Jul 22, 2016

I Live With 3 Lazy Friends... How To Escape It?

So, as a regular viewer of this (awesome) channel, you've probably heard me talking about setpoints. And one of these setpoints are the people that surround you.

As Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”. I've talked a lot about raising your setpoints by changing your social circle and by changing your friends and changing your life...

However... What if you're in a situation where it is almost impossible to do that? in today's video I've received a question from a reader telling me that he lives with three other guys that are completely LAZY! They spend all day playing video games and watching stupid videos (tough my videos are not stupid, thanks).

So, how can he escape that situation and raise his setpoints? Watch this video and find out!

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Jul 20, 2016

Can You Be A Programmer Without Learning Testing?

In today's video, I'll talk about being a programmer without learning testing. I received a question from a newbie programming telling that older programmers were saying things like "But how can you possibly say you're a programmer if you don't know nothing about testing?"

So, can you really become a programmer if you don't know testing? For some of you that might not know, Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation.

So, should ALL software developers learn Q&A and testing? is it really necessary for your formation?

Watch this video and find out!

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Jul 18, 2016

How To Self-Publish A Book?

A lot of people dream of writing a book. A few years ago, I would say that this was almost impossible. There were a lot of difficulties, you had to get a publishing company, they had to accept you, you had to have an audience for you to sell, etc. Too many things to think and to take care for just one person.

Nowadays, things are much easier. There is a new modality called "self-publishing", in which you can publish your book without needing a publishing company to get everything done for you.

However, this raises a lot of questions. "How can I self-publish a book?", "Where do I start looking for things?", "What will I need in order to self-publish my book?".

Well, in this video I'll take you step-by-step in the process of self-publishing a book, showing that you can do that too.

Watch this video to find out how to publish your own book.

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Jul 15, 2016

Safe Job Or Risky Opportunity?

In some part of our career, we experience this: We're at a very comfortable place, with a secure paycheck each month but, suddenly, we're offered with a risky job offer that will pay more, but may end up with nothing.

This dualism in this choice leaves us with a lot of questions in our head: "Should I accept this offers? My salary will increase and I'll be able to invest more", or "I can't take this offer. It's risky and what if it doesn't work out? What am I going to do?".

Let me tell you that this is not an easy choice to make. There is no right or wrong with this. However, there are some things you need to take into consideration before making your final decision?

What would I do in this situation? Watch this video and find out!

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Jul 13, 2016

How To Write Clean Code?

As software developers, writing code is definitely a priority for us. Just like architects, whose task is to design beautiful and good looking buildings, our job is quite similar.

We're hired to create automation solutions to problems that exist in different industries. Sometimes, people only tend to evaluate the final product, which is the app/software/solution we present them.

However, there is much more to this story. The foundation of the final product is the code. And, when the code is well written, everything flows much better.

So, how can you possibly write better and cleaner code? The cleaner your code, the better you'll be seen as a professional and the easier it will be for you to make adjustments, correct bugs and implement new features in the future.

Are you interested in writing cleaner code? Watch this video and find out!

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Jul 11, 2016

My Junior Is A Fierce Competitor... What Should I Do?

Have you ever felt threatened by others employees? We all have been there. We have this nature of comparing ourselves to others. When it comes to this competitive world we're in, this can only result in anxiety and bad feelings.

But, comparing yourself to established employees is one thing. What if this fierce competitor of yours is your junior?

In this video, I received a question from a reader telling me he was feeling threatened by his junior. This guy is a genius and everything he does, he does it right. He has all the good ideas and he is definitely competition.

However, the guy who emailed me is in management position and he can compete with him directly. What should he do? How should he approach this situation?

Should he try to overwork this guy? Should he get into direct competition with him?

Watch this video and find out!

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Jul 8, 2016

Does It Matter Which Programming Language I Use?

Have you ever wondered if it mattered which programming language you use as you work?

As programmers, we need to learn how to make choices. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that you can feel overwhelmed if you try to learn everything. There are hundreds of programming languages for you to choose and specialize and this is often why so many programmers get lost in their careers.

So, does it matter which programming language you use? Will if affect your career, your choices and, even, your income?

Watch this video and find out!

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Jul 6, 2016

How To Develop Self-Discipline?

Self-Discipline... Something that we all are aware of, we understand how important it is, yet we fail to manage it.

Why so many people fail in developing self-discipline? Why do people find so hard to stick to a plan and follow it? Why is it so difficult to change your mind and develop new and healthier habits?

In this video, I'll talk more about how you can start developing self-discipline into your life and how you can regain control of yourself.

If you have a question, email me at

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Jul 5, 2016

Interview With Carl Franklin About Ketogenic Diets

What is the Ketogenic Diet

Keto Flu:

2KD Eating Patterns

The Big Fat Surprise

2KD Interview with Nina

The Diet Heart Hypothesis by Ancel Keyes

Dr. Jason Fung: The Obesity Code

2KD Fasting show

Study: Fasting for 3 days regenerates your immune system.

K Rations developed by Ancel Keyes

Theraputic uses of ketogenic diets for a variety of diseases

The Ketogenic Diet and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Prolong Survival in Mice with Systemic Metastatic Cancer

Peter Attia - swimmer/athelete turned keto

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living

Metabolic characteristics of keto-adapted ultra-endurance runners

Three types of Ketones

2KD Ketones show

Cholesterol Clarity

2KD Cholesterol show

Coronary Calcium Scan

The Widowmaker: Science behind the real causes of heart disease

2KD Heart Disease show

Fathead Pizza

Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Keto Tacos

Oopsie Bread

2KD Sweeteners show

Humans became dominant because of sweat and endless ability to outrun animals

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (Robert Lustic)

The Keto Calculator

2KD Protein show

2KD Ketophobia show

Show me the science T-shirts

Fatty Liver Disease

Jason Fung Fasting FAQ

Diabetes and Eye Problems

Reason for LDL increase for some on a low carb diet

All about fat adaptation

Man fasts for 382 days

Electrolytes flushed by kidneys on ketogenic diet and fasting

Minnesota Coronary Survey buried for 16 years

Carrie Thompson does keto for 18 years: 2KD Ketophobia episode.

Statins have never been proven to prevent heart disease.

Malcom Kendrick; The cholesterol hypothesis is wrong

Triglyceride over HDL ratio


At 24:20 Carl said his A1C was 7.9. It was actually 7.4

At 25:04 Carl said his A1C after 2.5 months was 6.4 when it was actually 6.1

At 25:40 Carl talked about his cholesterol. LDL was up to 199 from 90, and HDL was 37 down from 42.

At 30:20 Carl said to spread the fathead pizza dough on wax paper. He meant parchment

At 45:00 Carl said fois gras was made by force feeding grains to ducks. It's actually geese.

At 1:03 Carl referred to the ration of HDL/TRIG when he meant TRIG/HDL

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Jul 4, 2016

How To Move From Beginner To Advanced Programming?

You're a beginner programmer. You don't know everything that the programming world has to offer but you know some stuff. However, you feel trapped. You feel like you're in place where you want to move from beginner to advanced programming but you don't know how.

This is a place where a lot of programmers get stuck when they try to develop their skills. They feel that they already know some stuff but they don't know everything. And so, they can't get the strategy to move forward.

I've been caught in this place for a long time. For years, I felt like I knew some stuff, I wanted to learn more but I was not yet an advanced programmer. Until I learned to learn.

Are you interested in knowing how to move from beginner to advanced programming? Watch this video and find out!

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Soft Skills Book:

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